AI and Mobile App Development

AI or Artificial Intelligence offers machines the ability to do what living beings can do. It includes the machines to self-train, and learn new things like humans – seeing, listening, conversing, and studying others. Today’s smartphones and tablets have more sensors compared to other computing devices. Although they can sense temperature changes, ground leveling, and even calculate the device’s real-time speed, it is not enough for AI.

AI capabilities require humongous processing power to execute Natural language understanding (NLU) or intelligent routing in the content delivery system. That is why these battery-operated devices are connected to the internet and cloud computing all the time.

AI in Mobile App Development and NLU

A mobile app is an accumulation of services from multiple third-party API service providers within a native software package, which helps fetch relevant data based on a user’s requests. Likewise, AI capabilities can be added, especially the Natural language understanding (NLU) feature. For Android and iOS mobile devices, Google Actions and SiriKit integrations are predominant. It can bring many AI capabilities into our daily apps, whether it is food or ride.

Delivering Personalized Experience with AI


A user’s intent is expressed in two ways: text and speech. Apart from the direct instructions, your routine behavior can be studied ad prompted. Say, you order lunch at a particular time. AI program can self-train and predicting your behavior at the stipulated time. The OS suggests various apps at multiple points of time. Besides suggesting, what if your smartphone notifies on discounts at your regular restaurant or other restaurants serving the food of your choice plus various offers? This extra step is offering a personalized experience to the user.
It is the personal experience that we expect from the apps we use.

Significant Benefits of Mobile App Development with AI

5 Key Benefits of Mobile App Development

All businesses are thriving on Innovation. It helps the businesses to leverage the added advantage in going for mobile app development for its customers. Some famous brands like Zara, Domino’s Pizza, and Starbucks have proved that mobile app development can boost sales significantly. Let’s see what it has to offer.

  • Inculcates Brand Loyalty

    To retain customers, businesses need a compelling mobile app presence. As more potential customers are in the mobile space than PC, unique mobile app developments can alone target brands to its customers. By leveraging AI, brands can set a solid foundation for their customer base.

  • Forms Brand Recognition

    Winning the trust of your target audience can only drive customers to commit to your brand. Mobile app development will offer the opportunity to show your users why they should trust in your brand. User-friendly mobile app development with AI intuitive features can make the customers get involved with your app. It also helps to recall your business.

  • Link with on-the-go customers

    People are always on the go; work, gym, café, you name it. Their easy access during such times is their smartphones. Nowadays, most people mobile active, and this provides a great opportunity if your brand has a mobile presence—a chance to convert your mobile app visitors into loyal customers irrespective of the location.

  • Craft Personalized content

    Mobile apps can establish an emotional bond between the business and its customers through personalization. Studying customer persona, behavior, preferences, and such, you can give personalized content and show that you care. AI plays a vital role, and with tailored content, your chances to meet the specific requirements of the audience and turn them into frequent users are highly possible.

  • Boosts Gains

    An increase in customer satisfaction increases sales. The happy your customers are, the more are the chances of visitors and visits to your app and make a purchase. It results in severe returns if you unveil a mobile app in addition to your website.

AI is altering the way we connect with apps. The AI engine is capable of delivering the entire flow from action to fulfillment based on the user’s ‘intent.’ It will communicate with the apps, servers, payment gateways, etc. In this current COVID-19 scenario, mobile apps with AI technology are monitoring vital health statistics to determine any ailment in its initial phase and avoid complications. Well, the future holds so much more.

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