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A MEAN stack Developer

A MEAN stack developer is a full-stack developer who is proficient in Mongo DB, Express JS, Angular, and Node JS in addition to other basic programming language requirements. They can efficiently handle both front end and backend end development.

They should be able to visualize how the website or application that is to be developed will look like from the user’s end view. Nowadays, many companies opt to hire MEAN stack developers and other full-stack developers as it is cost-saving. There, it does not require hiring each developer specialized in each technology. Here are the various scenarios that call for hiring MEAN stack developers and the benefits it offers. 

Role of a Full-Stack Developer

A full-stack developer is capable of performing the following tasks efficiently:

  • Handling several projects and performing client coordination 
  • Producing front-end codes in HTML or JavaScript 
  • Writing simple backend codes in Python, Php, or Rub
  • Studying, building, and debugging database related queries 
  • Keeping a check on web applications and UI performance
  • Developing test codes for validation of the application
  • Testing and resolving bugs present in the web application

When do you need to hire a MEAN stack developer?

MEAN stack - add value

When your company’s ultimate goal is to validate the notion by developing a minimum viable product, then a full stack developer is the best bet. They can understand the idea and transform it into an entirely functional prototype. 

  • When you require Product Managers, you can go with Full-stack developers because they can clearly understand the business requirement and are mindful of their abilities to tackle various scenarios with their extensive skill and expertise skillfully. 
  • When budget is a constraint, it becomes challenging to deploy various professionals for each development process layer. Thus, full-stack developers can do it all. It is a cost-effective solution.

Significant Benefits of Hiring a MEAN stack Developer

There are numerous benefits in hiring MEAN stack developers to manage projects from ideation to launch and past them.

  • Being accomplished web app developers, they can manage the entire stack from the ground up. Investing in full-stack developers can fetch you good returns.
  • They are versatile and excel in both front and backend development. Thus your app appearance, interactivity of a site in a browser, codes that link a website to the CMS, etc., are all taken care of. 
  • The experience and in-depth knowledge they possess are very much beneficial to the performance and market response of projects.
  • A MEAN stack developer knows the bigger picture and can help you with the entire structural design, and give valuable inputs when required. In addition to development, it can also help in optimizing the current system.
  • They do the all-inclusive work, i.e., in addition to managing the project, adding enhanced features, they can also represent your company and the product as and when needed. They can 
  • switch quickly from one operation to the other, which aids in streamlining the processes and speed up the development.
  • They can identify and troubleshoot issues in every aspect of website development. Implementing long-term solutions are essential for the best functioning of your website or application. 
  • They are a budget-friendly investment! You can build a fantastic website even with a shoestring budget with full-stack development services. Single-handedly they manage everything, and this saves you a lot of money. 
  • They are responsible for MVP development from beginning to end. So, having a full stack developer in place is excellent for maintaining the design project’s quality assurance. In addition to handling the MVP development, they know the ways to control both the server-side and client-side of the application. 
  • Companies seek MEAN stack development services that also covers the management aspects of project development. It can be handled by MEAN stack developers much efficiently than other individual developers. 
  • Speedy development is what all companies expect as no one wishes to enter the market late. Full-stack developers know the varied range of technologies, techniques, and tools that help them complete the project undertaken faster. Discussion and collaboration with the team and commencing won’t take much time.

Wrapping it up

Looking for the best MEAN stack developers for working on your project might be a challenging job. It is best to be clear about the project requirements and the engagement model, like in-house or offshore. So before you begin hiring, you need to assess the skills and experience to be sure that they are proficient within their technology stack.

We are a custom software development company in the USA and we make hiring developers an easy task for many companies. All you have to do is send us your requirement, and we will match the right developer based on your project need. You can also select from varied CVs and discuss with them before hiring. We will assist you with the entire process and also offer you the best hiring model. For more details, reach us by calling at +1 408-400-3737 or drop an email at:


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