MEAN Stack development

Over the years, advancements in technology have made web design and development to evolve drastically. Websites are equipped with faster loading time, and a simple-to-understand, user-friendly interface. Moreover, user experience expects to meet that of the native mobile applications.

Sophisticated times in development have called for two important technology stacks. They are the MEAN stack and the MERN stack. Each tech stack has its advantages and areas of application. Let’s see elaborately.

They have the same components, MongoDB, ExpressJS, and NodeJS. The only difference is that the MEAN stack has AngularJS, and the MERN stack has ReactJS. Many Angular based web development companies prefer MEAN stack and the one with ReactJS expertise goes for MERN stack development.

MERN Stack Development

MongoDB – schema-less NoSQL class-platform with JSON query language and document-oriented database.

Express or Express.js – an open-source framework for Node.js web application which simplifies web server coding

Node.js is the open-source, cross-platform JavaScript framework for server-side or backend development.

React – an open-source JavaScript front-end library for creating interactive UI

Angular – the open-source structural framework for building front-end applications

AngularJS is a quite a popular framework with MVC architecture. But this architecture is not required in every web application, and it is sufficient if only an abstraction in the UI layer to optimize component code rendering. It is where the ReactJS library meets the requirement.

Speedy development

Sometimes it isn’t clear because both AngularJS and ReactJS provide abstraction at the UI level. Google supports Angular and Facebook for React. AngularJS stand stable and maintains better abstraction for coding and managing files. Whereas ReactJS helps faster code development. Thus being a library, ReactJS performs better than AngularJS.

Extensive Projects

For an enterprise-level project, AngularJS is the first choice. Why because AngualrJS, being a framework, can better support the system with MVC architecture. Here the database and UI code are separated by an intermediate layer, thus making code management easier and updating code even more accessible. ReactJs being just a library can speed up code development but cannot assist much in the place where a robust framework is required.

Using third-party library

When it comes to using third-party libraries, AngularJS scores the point. ReactJS needs additional libraries to support an Http calling to connect to the backend server. Whereas, with AngularJS is a simple plug and play job as it comes with ready-to-use features which allows using third-party libraries instantly.

Architectural structure

Thus we see that both are useful and can meet the requirements that demand reliable, light-weight JavaScript applications. The significant difference lies in their structure – one being a framework and the other being a library. Thus MEAN stack finds its application in building more extensive and complex applications. MERN stack is best for smaller web and mobile applications.

This latest combination

The MERN stack, enables the applications to be built quickly, decrease the setup time and enhances fast development rate. At Tops Infosolutions, we continuously emphasize the user experience, and trending user demands to come first. We are a top web development company in USA and we create robust web and mobile applications using the best applicable technologies. To avail MERN stack development services, drop us your query to or call us at +1 408-400-3737 to talk with our experts.


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