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In recent times, many international brands, like Netflix, Paypal, Trello, and upcoming enterprises, migrate their business applications to Node.js. The main reason for this transition is to create a platform that enables building real-time applications that are quick and scalable. Node.js strengthens the back-end operations, and by using JavaScript, one can develop a complete and scalable server-based application.

Node.js demonstrates robust engagement in IoT (Internet of things), Cloud Stacks, Connected Devices, and a web-based application. Also, in addition to these, it helps to build the business exponentially.

Prime Features of Node.JS

Node.js backend development

Asynchronous and Event-Driven- All Node.js library APIs are asynchronous. A Node.js based server does not wait for the data to be reverted by an API. The server shifts to the next API once it is called. A notification mechanism of Node.js enables the server to receive a response from the earlier API call.

Very Fast – As it is built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript Engine belonging to Google, Node.js library executes the code quickly.

No Buffering – thanks to Node.js applications buffering data has been ceased. These applications output chunks of data.

Single-Threaded but Highly Scalable – Node.js is not multi-threaded yet but uses single-threaded along with event looping model. The event looping mechanism unblocks and helps the server to respond quickly. Thus it makes the server highly scalable when contrasted with traditional servers. It can deliver service to a vast number of requests than any customary servers.

Smooth Migration – Node.js has vested JavaScript to extend across the Internet, despite being a browser or a server. Containing it is quite simple, and it enables easy migration.

Node Package Manager – NPM is a tool that manages installations and upgrades of reusable modules. It also handles version updates and dependency management of those modules from the online collection.

Strong Community Support – Node.js has an active community with a trustworthy background. Many notable modules were resultant of this community.

Economic Development Cycle – Node.js involves lesser resources to complete the development cycle tasks. It ensures reduced development expenses for your company. It also helps you to get a better ROI of the web application.


Advantages of Node.js

  • Node package manager (NPM) holds access to many open-source libraries
  • consumes less tile for development along with end-to-end security
  • Reasonable development cycle for a large project with improved features
  • Can deal with several client application requests simultaneously
  • Swift and flexible front-end and back-end development
  • Enhanced productivity and highly secure architecture
  • Apt for developing real-time applications
  • Full-stack JavaScript with Event-based model
  • Accessible technology for micro-services
  • Widely preferred for building the Internet of Things

Node.js is an extremely versatile, sustainable, JavaScript-powered technology that enables full-stack developers to gain a distinctive edge during development.

It can be used for I/O related Applications, JSON APIs based Applications, Data Streaming Apps, Single Page Applications, and Data-Intensive Real-time Applications – DIRT. Node.js may not be the best fit for heavy computing applications as it does not support multi-threading yet. But when evaluating the Node.js pros and cons, it has more reasons to be used in development.

What we offer

Our services are rendered globally and are Best-in-class. We also offer customized development services as per the requirement. We undertake turnkey projects as well as enhancing existing businesses. 

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