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The most important thing about an e-commerce website development is the back end functionality. There are hundreds of thousands of requests that ping every minute from all over the world. The backend must support the data fetching from the server and display it in the front end. In addition to that, there are a lot of other elements such as logistics, payment gateways, supplier management, and more. These sophisticated features take a toll on the overall performance of the site. So, to carry out such complex tasks and to maintain high performance around the clock, the back end must be robust and scalable; otherwise, the front end also collapses.

The crucial element of any successful e-commerce website is its loading time. The backend processing must be less than 20% or more than the entire loading time. If your website is slow, then it means you are losing a large volume of potential customers.

In an e-commerce website, going asynchronous is the better option because of the vast number of products and unlimited user actions at unpredictable time slots. MERN stack development can enable your site to tackle numerous concurrent users. We’ll tell you more about how the MERN stack development can help build your ecommerce website.

MongoDB: A NoSQL database that is responsible for data storage and Node.js makes sure that the server is in operation continuously.

Express.js: A backend web framework that allows you to develop web applications with the help of a more straightforward interface.

React.js: A front-end web library that aids web development by allowing data change without reloading the page.

Node.js: A JavaScript runtime that runs on Chrome’s V8 JS engine. It’s weightless as it uses an event-based and unblocking input/output model.

MERN Stack development flow


Let’s see how MERN stack development synthesizes the back end process of ecommerce development.

  • The user accesses the front end and sends in a request. React.js processes the client-side requests, parses and sends it to the next phase
  • The next stop is Node.js, which parses requests at the server-side.
  • The request then enters the Express.js, which makes requests to the database and returns the response.
  • Then comes MongoDB, which retrieves the data and returns data to Express.js
  • Now, the retrieved data relays through Node.js and React.js and displays the data response to the customer

Advantages of going with MERN Stack:

  • Covers the entire web development cycle using JavaScript from front end development (client-side) to back end development (server-side)
  • Supports the MVC(Model View Controller) architecture for a smooth development process flow
  • Union of four robust technologies, i.e., MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js.
  • Prevents grunt work build-up and keeps the web application development organized.
  • Includes an extensive suite built-in testing tools.
  • Open-source framework and backed by excellent community support.

An ideal e-commerce site should load faster even during demand days and fetch quick response to usage spikes. If you are starting up a new e-commerce portal with MERN stack development, you can cater to at least 10k concurrent users effectively. Node.js lets you expand further with Node.js based microservices architecture, which enables you to handle millions of concurrent customers at a time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the better stack Mean or Mern stack?
Mean stack and Mern stack don’t differ much. Mean stack makes use of Angular for front-end web app development. Whereas, Mern stack makes use of React. Both are effective for Mongo DB applications.

Is Mern a full-stack?
MERN Stack is JavaScript based full-stack, and it is designed to be used for fast and straightforward deployment of full-stack web applications.

What is Mern stack used for?
The MERN stack is used to build advanced web applications. Since it is an open-source full-stack development framework, it offers front-end to back-end development components as a whole.

Is Mern stack good?
It supports MVC architecture and hence aids in a seamless development process. It is sufficient if the developers have knowledge of only JS and JSON for development. It has an extensive array of testing tools and generous open-source community support.

Is Mern stack in demand?
The fundamental components of the MERN stack offer end-to-end framework support for developers. Thus, it is becoming a highly popular and influential stack to work in.


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