AI and Mobile App Development

Many tech companies are continually exploring the opportunities that AI can offer. Talk about Alexa and Siri, the voice search, speech, and facial recognition are specific examples that are currently in use. Companies are going toward more personalization so that they can connect well with the audience and grow their business.

With the changing needs of the users for a more customized and feature-packed web experience, many modernizations have taken place ever since. This desire for evolved experience is making AI to gain prominence in web application development. AI redefines conventional web application experience, giving a user experience that feels like its natural, and for uninterrupted flow.

AI deals with creating intelligent solutions through machinery that can think and act like humans. So, what good is Artificial Intelligence in web development? Let’s see below.

Enhanced User Experience

The bounce rate is among the most worry-giving factors for website owners, especially for the eCommerce segment. For sale to happen, the look and feel of the site should be satisfactory. Else, the chances of the user resorting to other websites are high. User experience and effective navigation play a crucial part in any website design. AI can help in finding the customer’s mood and knowing their requirements through Cognitive analysis. This way can improve the feel of the website by meeting the interest of the end-user accordingly.

Producing Personalized Content

Personalized content is a way of retaining customers and making them linger on your page for a longer duration. Implementing artificial intelligence on your website provides the metrics necessary to create optimized content. By knowing what exactly a customer wants, the content can connect with them more effectively. Suggestions can pop up based on their interest, a similar product/ service that they were looking for, or based on the analysis of their previous activities and behaviors.

Voice search optimization

Voice Recognition Technology

One of the flourishing trends nowadays is voice search optimization. Websites focus on connecting the majority of potential customers via mobile devices. Does it stop here with mobile compatibility? No. With the growth and evolution of voice-based search, website experience has to undergo a makeover too. AI can allow voice discussions between customers and websites, especially for virtual shopping background and e-commerce companies.

Chatbot for Better Reply Predictions

AI Chatbots are coming into the spotlight for predicting user’s reactions before simulating a conversation. Integrating these chatbots in web applications are making the conversations sound more natural than mechanical. These bots elevate the customer experience, respond accurately, and promptly. They also eliminate the wait time that users usually face through IVR customer support considerably.

Users Store Experience

Websites offering unique and personalized store experience keeps the customers coming. Such websites take client engagement and communication to another level. AI can replicate the feel of shopping with real retail sales workers who help customers in person with navigation, product choice, or service. AI proves to be essential for any business with an online presence and to connect with users at any level.

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