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TOPS, offers an excellent content management system which is served as an optimal, easy to use and managed web based CMS (nopCommerce, Umbraco, etc.).  At TOPS, our team will facilitate your web application through integrated code structure.  A web CMS enables you to effortlessly create, edit, index, and publish website content, while giving users and developers better flexibility in customizing their look and functionality.

Having worked with content management systems for many years, we have built them from scratch, deployed 3rd party platforms and integrated bespoke functionality into CMS solutions based on the .net framework. Our experts have identified that Umbraco and NopCommerce CMS as the .net CMS works the best, so we recommend our clients for large scale, functionally rich commercial deployments.

Umbraco and NopCommerce builds your online presence and manage content for your web application.
Umbraco and NopCommerce are cost-effective CMS and offer a user-friendly structure and usability standpoint. They have built-in support for building views in Razor and even support MVC.  The strength of Umbraco is that due to its more concise feature set and community driven development, it’s able to adopt the latest .NET technologies faster than the alternatives.
Many people appreciate the simplicity of Umbraco CMS and choose it for this reason. It works well when you want to start building quickly and don’t need tons of features and plug-ins.

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Some key-drivers of CMS development

  • Simplicity of updating and managing content available on the website
  • The contents can be easily scheduled for publishing at any time and date.
  • Promotes online community-building through RSS feeds, blogs, polls, threaded discussion within groups and forums.
  • Enables you to easily create simple, readable and search engine-friendly URLs
  • Dynamic creation of sitemap makes it easy for the users to identify any changes or modifications made within the navigation
  • No need to be technically sound or language expert to manage and publish the contents on the website.
  • Ease of finding desired information or content within the website through out-of-the-box search functionality.

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