Get the big hand for your app, by leveraging TOPS HTML development service.

Want to combine the stability and performance to build the interactive web? Try HTML5 development. Our HTML developers are glad to give you a specialized view of the websites and applications under the exclusive umbrella of HTML5 which includes three in one advantage of Responsive HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery together. TOPS – offshore outsourcing company in India is in full sync with HTML development and has developed the great apps with rich knowledge of open web technologies.

Our Services

Website Development

Website Development

Trust us for highly scalable, high-performance and secure custom HTML development services according to your requirements.

Mobile app development

Mobile app development

We will help you to serve your mobile users in the best way. So, why to miss out your mobile users if we offer HTML / HTML5 mobile application development service.

UI Design Prototyping

UI Design and Prototyping

We have the team of skilled HTML professionals to serve you with HTML/ HTML5 UI designs and prototyping that can cater your requirements.

App Testing

App Testing and Portability

Our HTML experts are competent to test your HTML / HTML5 app on a range of parameters to ensure bug free application. Additionally, we also provide HTML portability services according to your need.

App Maintenance

App Maintenance and Support

We provide complete HTML maintenance and support services to our loyal customers, apart from development.

PSD to HTML/HTML5 Conversion

Give us your design in any popular file format including PSD and we will convert it into high performing HTML5 markup.

HTML5 is a well-organized multi-platform content enabler that can create well-designed applications and tools for all the mobile operating systems available today such as Android, iOS and Windows. Our qualified and proficient mobile apps developers can build gaming solution for mobile devices to get insightful, cost-effective business applications.

Our Capabilities

  • Responsive HTML5
  • Bootstrap framework
  • jQuery development
  • PSD to HTML conversion
  • Angular.js/JSON Development
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • HTML5 app development
  • PSD to HTML5 conversions
HTML development services


  • Years of experience & successful track records in all facets of HTML5
  • Expertise in building HTML5 web apps for iPhone, iPad and Android
  • Capable to deliver client oriented and user focused HTML5 apps
  • Advantage of cost-effective rates
  • Project-progress reports

HTML has always been a solution for delivering the best web development service. Some key-benefits of HTML development

Fresh Code:  One of the crucial feature in HTML5  is its cleaniness of the code. Used code should be simple, elegant, easy to implement and understandable which consumes less time. This makes the mobile and web development much easier and expedient.

Supports video and Audio:  Forget the jumble that was caused due to adding of embedded and objects tags, with the new HTML5. No need of additional flash player or plug-in or any browser for any multimedia content. Just make the use of tags, video and audio- you are set to roll.

Easy  and Interactive designs: Drawing tag feature in HTML5 enables you to use more innovative, creative, unique web design than earlier versions of HTML5

Accessibility: It is equipped with the multiple features like Drag and Drop, Offline Storage database, browser history management, document editing etc. This are the most convenient features and very easy to access them.

So, are you ready for an awesome responsive HTML development service? Contact us.

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