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So, out of the box design idea is mandatory to make your product stand tall amongst competitors. Without that, even the best concept is like not providing fuel to your car.

Thinking of the great design is in our Genes. We strive to put maximum efforts in depth to make the tiniest user interaction in detail and push the pixel boldly for the highest user engagement. To transform the information available into a blueprint to creating wireframes, developing prototype designs, creating custom icons and integrating designs with code – we can work to replicate your vision into a ground breaking design. We can deliver beautiful concept that are interactive, seamless, intuitive, flexible, cost-effective and tailor made to provide product’s brand and identity. Our team understands the other factors like speed, load-time, and optimization – hence we use the powerful technologies like HTML5, AngularJS, bootstrap etc.

Eliminating Pain points

We comprehend user pains so before we embark on the solution design, we invest ourselves into in-depth research of the user needs, map their expected behavior, consider the traffic load etc. These data place the groundwork for creating a system or an app that is easy-to-use and consistent in presentation.

Endless user journeys

Endless user journeys

Assessment of user’s’ actions, motivations, and possible tentative points with appropriate mapping ensures smooth navigation across the key touch points of the solution.


Visibility and predictability

We develop a visual environment that enables the users to spontaneously make out functional features of the interface elements, which minimize the attempt required to achieve a task.

UI performance

UI performance

Apart from the carefully designed solution architecture, the mobile UI is amplified with rich internet applications to enable quick response of the implemented functions.



We believe in unified approach to add visual and functional elements of the system which guarantees expected results.

Mobile UI designing

Some key take-away includes:   

  • Delivering the best mobile UX/UI solutions worldwide
  • Dedicated designers
  • Focus on user experience
  • Business growth factor
  • Technical Support
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Quality Assurance
  • Latest Design Trends and Tools


At TOPS, we provide UI and UX development service to develop the bespoke application that can cater your requirements. We totally understand that developing design is just not developing the best look and feel but much more beyond than that. Our UI/UX designer team puts their best efforts in driving in intuitive web and mobile apps. We understand the client’s business and work in close coordination with them to offer user friendly, effective and exceptional user experiences. To ensure maximum downloads, app engagement, web traffic, conversion rate, leads etc, we guide our clients by getting their UI/UX developed using the latest platforms.

Our End-to- End service includes

Feature Significant Design: We develop a user-centric designs and feature-rich mobile app interfaces according to the need of client to provide the best UX.

Redesign of outdated apps: We leverage our expertise in designing the UX by using the latest tools and technologies for revamping your outdated mobile app design.

Cross-platform design: We develop the pixel-perfect mobile app for the clients who are looking to expand their company portfolio through enterprise mobile apps for iOS, Android, Windows or hybrid app development

Cross-device design: We provide UX designs that are best suited for the devices like smartphones, tablets etc.

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