Building Alexa Skills to Boost Your Business Productivity

by TOPS Infosolutions June 27, 2018
Alexa Skills for Enterprises

At workplaces, employees spend much of their time in scheduling meeting, managing calendars, making a to-do list, researching for the information and much more. This is tedious and cumbersome and results in the waste of time and lack of productivity. But, what if someone else does this task for you? It will save much of the employee’s time and will be able to focus more on other tasks.

Virtual digital assistant Amazon Alexa can help you do these tasks by acting as a digital assistant at a workplace. It enables to use our voice and communicate with the technology so that employees can stay organized and focus on the things that matter a most.

Alexa provides tools to manage Amazon Echo devices and enables to configure skills. You can customize voice skills using Alexa Skill Kit (ASK) and conference APIs to make them private skill for your organization. Whether you have a small or medium-sized business, getting Alexa skills developed can streamline your business operations and boosts a workplace productivity.

Here are some of the top Alexa skills advantages for your business:

  • To-do List and Appointment Scheduling

Making a to-do list and scheduling meetings and events on the calendar consume much of the time and due to that employees are not able to focus on other important tasks. So, to enhance the efficiency of the employees, you can develop Alexa skills that make a to-do list, schedule meetings etc without any physical action. For instance, when you say “add” an item to do list, Alexa would recognize your speech and convert it to a to-do or as a scheduled event and notifies you about the added event in your list. This will help you to increase your productivity by staying organized anywhere you go. With this skill, the employee can quickly access and edit to-do items on the go and can have access to to-do-list within Amazon Alexa app on iOS, Android or on

  • Manage Conferences

Conference management plays a crucial role in managing the business operations. By developing this skill, users can link directly to their Google calendar to know the conference call scheduled and it can dial the call for you automatically. It refrains you to use remote controls, look up conference call information and manually dial number for the meetings. You just need to say, “Alexa start my meeting” and Alexa will get you to start with the meeting. Alexa will dig in all the necessary information needed for the conference, dial the bridge number, meeting number, and participant code and then call your number to connect with you to the conference. With this Alexa skill, you can even join third-party conferencing service provider and schedule meeting based on the user’s calendar and resources available in the office premises.

  • E-mail Assistant

Sales and Marketing personnel, who are always on the go, developing e-mail assistant alexa skills, is an easy way to help them manage their inbox. You can develop customized email assistant skill that can manage all the providers including Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail etc by informing you how many unread and new e-mails are available in your inbox. On behalf of you, Alexa will read, reply and manage mails just by the voice command. You can even ask Alexa to read out priority mails, only starred mails or only newsletters and Alexa will do it for you.  For the quick replies, you can even set canned responses – and assistant skill will send it to the concerned person.

  • Smart Devices Management

Today, everyone wants to control their equipments with voice commands. Instead of toggling between multiple apps to manage your smart gadgets, why not ask Alexa to do the same for you? Developing an Alexa skill developed for managing home and office devices enables you to monitor and track them with the voice commands. You can manage your desktop, thermostats, door locks, AC etc. just with your voice commands. You can pair Alexa with the smart office skill and ask to turn on/off lights, control music and other audio, adjust the temperature of AC, etc.

  • Expense Management

Control your finances efficiently with Alexa Skills. Businesses can utilize expense management skills to process, pay and keep track of finances. An Amazon Alexa skill can be developed that can be used to used to check the bills, schedule payments, keep track on expense and income, analyze and control your spending and much more.

  • Work Time Tracker

Do you wish to keep track of your time spent on the task and need timer that can help you to do the same? You can customize the work time tracker skill where Alexa will record the time that you spent on a particular task. Just tell Alexa to track time and tell her to stop when you are done with your task. This, being a simple skill can help you to get things done faster, boosting more productivity. Moreover, you can keep track of where you are wasting your hours so that you can tweak your work and can focus more on other tasks.

Develop custom Alexa Skills with our Alexa Skills Development experts. The virtual digital assistant and artificial intelligence are playing a key role in the enterprise to enhance agility in the business. We possess the expertise to develop the AI behind Alexa in line with your business requirements and thus boost the productivity of your business. Talk to our experts on how TOPS Infosolutions can help turn your business into ‘smart business’.


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