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Digital voice assistants like Amazon Echo are revolutionizing how people communicate with web content, advertising, and commerce. Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple’s HomePod, Samsung’s Bixby, Microsoft Cortana, and China’s Chumenwenwen and Xiaoice are a few popular brands that are quickly becoming a part of our lives. 

Certain experts have predicted that 30% of consumer browsing will happen through voice interfaces by 2020. It is also anticipated that the assistant-provided audio entertainment and its consumption to grow considerably in the upcoming years. People are open to receiving helpful and relevant information through voice assistants. 

Apart from home usage, the vision for Alexa by Amazon covers all aspects. The Alexa Skills marketplace has progressed rapidly from 1,000 to 15,000 within a year in the Alexa Skill Store. The right time is now for businesses to get on board with Alexa skills development as it grows.

Leverage Alexa Skills for Businesses

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Since Alexa Skills are fresh in the market, not many companies have entered the world of infinite possibilities just yet. It gives a lot of room to innovate and be the first to offer unique interaction for various business types. The Alexa Skills can put to use to gather information about a company or product, augment current mobile apps and web applications with voice-enabled digital services, or improvise customer experiences.

  • Alexa voice assistants are capable of reshaping the brands’ and retailers’ connections with customers. 
  • The consumers’ loyalty can shift from trusted brands to a trusted platform for better navigation among the vast ocean choices. 
  • Re-ordered essentials will increase to households 
  • Increasing creative audio content will advertise without irritating and losing the interest of the listeners. 
  • The AI can improve the shopping experience with the gathered information on consumers’ preferences. 
  • It can provide the portal for the unconstrained marketplace of news, entertainment, goods, and services.

Custom Alexa skills development is increasing user engagement for publishers, music services, and smart-home tech companies. Much other company’s top management and marketers should be considering developing custom Alexa Skills for their brand because

  • It offers a personalized experience to the customers
  • It offers an organic way of introducing a brand and its potential to the consumers 
  • It makes way for plentiful opportunities for product enhancement, marketing, and advertising
  • It helps to cultivate ad retain customer loyalty.

The right time to build Alexa skill is now!


When mobile app development is concerned, it is best to venture into the market after a little thought to your customers’ digital experience. We need to know skills for building Alexa Skills. Taking a strategic and meaningful approach alone adds more value to your customers.

Over the upcoming years, it can become more imperative for companies to understand this new technology and its application to various businesses. The fight over talent skilled in Alexa Skills or seeking development service from Alexa Skill Development Company will only increase. Voice interaction can become the chief way for people to interact with the internet very soon. Now that they have already taken residence in millions of homes, the unprecedented opportunities are appealing to the owners of the smart devices and other brands that offer information, entertainment, goods, and services. 

As of now, there’s no reason not to begin with Alexa Skills development for your business as soon as possible. The business benefits for commencing this early are abundant:

  • Vast Market – Amazon Echo family has taken up almost 72% market share of present US smart speakers. With a multitude of connected devices and equipment from fridges, thermostats, lamps, door locks, and others that have the possibility of controlling through Alexa Voice Service API, the potential of Alexa skills market penetration is immeasurable.
  • Safe investment – It is likely for Alexa to be the lead for some time and lingers on further advancements as it controls a considerable marketplace percentage already. Selecting to develop an Alexa Skills streamlines development from both the product approach and technical development stances. It is needless to develop for multiple platforms at one time. 
  • Future enhancements – The Alexa Skills platform will introduce more complex functionalities as the technology matures to meet the growing expectations. Getting into this technology early and having the necessary Alexa Skills development can offer you a competitive edge and opportunity to learn without much consequence as time goes by. 
  • Competitive Advantage – With voice assistance technology being relatively new, it poses an immense opportunity to beat or be on par with your competitors and to market your products and services with a compelling consumer experience. Thus, you can differentiate your brand in your industrial segment. 
  • Market recognition – The best part is that the companies that are first to market will be recognized as innovators and may get extensive positive media attention.


Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, and other AI-enabled assistants will become a powerful force to be reckoned with in a voice-first world. Custom Alexa skills development companies can help you merge your sales and distribution channel, service center, and order fulfillment. Next to developing mobile applications, the current trend is revolving around branded skills for voice assistants.

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