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In recent years, developers find solace in following sample tutorials and adopting downloaded codes. No longer do the developers enter skillsets in their CV’s by taking a full-fledged programming course. Knowing to some degree and become proficient at it has a huge difference. Code reuse becomes quite common in web application development.

So, how does one identify an excellent full-stack web developer? He must be proficient in handling designing, development, and testing operations single-handedly. Also, interpreting user requirements into complete architecture, system implementation, efficient client coordinating, backend and frontend coding, debugging the database queries, and testing codes is vital. In addition to that, checking the performance of web applications, infrastructure, and troubleshooting the application is mandatory.

A full-stack developer and a senior engineer differ slightly. Mastery of every stack layer, source control, distributed computing, data infrastructure is necessary.

There are different stacks which are similar in architectural design and patterns like the following:

LAMP Stack

LAMP is a broadly used web service stack model. It consists of four components
L= Linux: operating system, open-source
A= Apache: webserver software
M= MySQL: open source database
P=PHP: open-source scripting language Server-side

MEAN Stack

MEAN Stack Application Development is a currently growing trend. MEAN consists of:
M = MongoDB: NoSQL Database
E = Express: light-weight, portable web framework, Easy to use
A = Angular.js: HTML5 and JavaScript development framework for web programs
N = JavaScript server-side run time

MERN Stack

MERN is an assortment of JavaScript-based technologies which are:
M=MongoDB: NoSQL database
E=Express: Light-weight and transferable web program framework
R=React: JavaScript library for user interface creations
N=Node.js: JavaScript server-side run time
This stack is in huge demand presently as it is extensively used for web application development.

A full stack web developer needs to realize the value of user experience when it comes to designing front. For a successful creation and implementation of the application, one has to build wireframes, samples, prototypes, and PSD files.

Also, the hardware considerations like stack selection, software interaction with the hardware, SQL query processes, disk drive data delivery, and CPU executions are significant. Selecting the most suitable cloud server and storage is also essential.

The majorly requisite Skills for a Full-Stack web Developer, in particular, will include the knowledge of:

  • JavaScript languages
  • Back end Languages
  • Databases/Web Storage
  • Web Architecture
  • Operating System
  • Networking Basics
  • Encryption and Cryptography
  • Maintenance of data
  • Data quality check
  • Definitely for project planning.

With the rise of complicated technologies and layered stacks, it is indeed hard for developers to keep up full-stack understanding. It goes further than being a senior developer. Possessing a working experience of the basic frontend, backend, and database and testing technologies are demanding. In the end, the overall application must up and running in the prescribed platform effectively.

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