MERN stack development is similar to MEAN, but the only difference is the usage of Angular for front-end web application development instead of React. The ReactJS component of the MERN stack allows the application’s UI to be highly interactive and dynamic. MERN is among the best combinations of full-stack technology that has made its mark in web application development. 

Both are just as good, and being a top web development company in the USA, we have experience in both stack development. Our implementation methodology and design thinking to MERN development can offer you a fully functional website with appealing UI designs to entice users. The time and effort spent on MERN stack development can carry your project to another level. You can also hire a MERN stack developer from us for your project development requirements smoothly from our experienced talent pool.

About MERN Stack 

MERN Stack Development

MERN is a JavaScript stack with four efficient open-source components; they are

  • MongoDB: A non-relational cross-platform functioning database for storing JSON files.
  • Express: A backend, Node.js framework for developing REST API and web applications 
  • React: A library that helps in rapid code development and carries out better than Angular JS. 
  • Node.js: A backend environment running modules like Express asynchronously 

These components take care of the most critical assessments and also the redundancy of particular tasks. They are widely used in the SPA – Single Page Application development.

MERN stack offers businesses and enterprises the required performance, agility, and intelligence to drive their business ahead. Always there is a vast, never-ending demand for performance and interactivity levels by web users. JavaScript, the central element of several technologies, allows the developers to create dynamic websites suitable for desktop and mobile applications.

The demand for MERN developers is increasing, and the MERN stack is prime in the life of a software developer due to its benefits.

  • Pure JavaScript code which eliminates context switching 
  • JavaScript stack makes interfacing various programming languages easy and straightforward 
  • Developers need to work only with JSON and JavaScript 
  • Builds highly efficient web applications.
  • React is easy to learn and build as it is template-free.
  • React helps to build conditional or redundant DOM elements with JavaScript
  • React is isomorphic and can function on the browser and server.
  • Highly useful for SEO purposes.

MEAN v/s MERN stack 

The main distinction between the MEAN & MERN stack is the React JS library and Angular JS framework, which is customary for its MVC architecture. However, you may not need MVC architecture for all kinds of web application development.

Certain web applications need an abstraction on the UI layer to improve component code rendering. React JS library happens to meet this requirement.

When it comes to performance, Angular JS offers better code abstraction and manages files systematically. React JS can develop code swiftly, and being a library, it can perform better than Angular JS relatively.

MERN stack development is apt for the quick building of smaller applications when compared to the MEAN stack.

The trends, diverse requirements make it challenging to choose the ideal framework. Stack technologies always help you with the aptest stack for your business requirements.

Why should you hire MEAN stack developers from us?

We, Tops Infosolutions, our expert MEAN stack Development Company, among other web development services. Our MEAN stack developers are experienced in e-commerce, the fashion and apparel industry, music collaboration, social networking, arbitrage, the local NEWS sector, and many others. We strive to offer the finest solutions possible for every business.

Our MERN stack development services comprise of 

  • Enterprise-web-application-development for large scale businesses 
  • Web and mobile application development with highly interactive solutions, gripping user experience, and multi-device compatibility
  • Custom web and mobile application development 
  • Migration of business applications and platforms to the MERN stack framework. 
  • Complete CMS development services with MERN stack to support and handle data systematically. 
  • Competing pricing for Custom eCommerce development services. 

The hiring process for our MEAN stack developers for their web or mobile development needs is convenient and straightforward.

  • Pay-as-you-go model
  • Various options to choose
  • Quick turn-around time
  • Total visibility and control over your project 
  • No additional setup is required 
  • Shorter starting cycle 
  • Round the clock support 

We are an expert web Development Company in the USA with complete know-how in different stack development applications. To hire seasoned MERN developers for collaboration or a free quote, dial +1 408-400-3737

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