A future next web’s scaffolding tool developed by Google

To develop picture-perfect dynamic web application, you need a strong foundation backed by the robust framework. AngularJS helps you to achieve rich website user interface that aids you to develop single and robust applications.

TOPS, as one of the best AngularJS Development Company can cater your needs by developing adaptable, reliable, secure and stable services that take you from scratch idea to the complete solutions and keep you involved at each development process. We at TOPS, provide the AngularJS development solutions for mobile and web applications to create the application that requires HTML, CSS and JavaScript to the client side with the better architectural design which is easy to maintain and test on multiple devices.

Our AngularJS experts delivers the perfect AngularJS web-app solutions and right attitude with the highest level of quality for your complex business application.

Angular.js frontend development

All about AngularJS

AngularJS is one of the open source JavaScript frameworks to improve browser-based applications with the help of MVC capability. If you wish to develop quick cross-platform prototype of mobile application than this framework becomes the perfect choice compared to other frameworks. Other than that it enables you to use HTML as your template language and enable you to extend HTML’s syntax to convey your application’s components precisely and concisely. It provides magnificent environment of new ideologies and also the innovations to build rich internet apps.

  • Fully working chat solution using AngularJS and Firebase
  • RESTful API driven, complex single page web application development
  • Creates responsive and flexible apps
  • Effective structure for designing UI
  • Reduced burden on the server as AngularJS provides framework
    for client side MVC architecture
  • Highly regularized code
  • Two way data binding helps in easy development of real time application
  • Extension of HTML vocabulary

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